Let's Read The Chemist

Stephenie Meyer holds a special place in my heart. I will elaborate in a future post. The Chemist was released in November of 2016. I bought the ebook and the Audible audio version, but I have yet to read one word! I'm excited to finally dive in with my club members.

AUGUST 1, 2017 will be the official start date of this book so grab yourself a copy using the links below or check it out from your local library and let me know what you think. Tweet me, post on my Facebook wall or reach out on Instagram. As always use the hashtag #JessBookClub to share.

The Commonwealth Opinion Post

One of the common factors I find in my favorite books is likable characters. The story can be overwritten or drone on and on, but if I enjoy hanging out with the characters, I ultimately call it a favorite book. Commonwealth had that potential. I enjoyed the characters. I was excited to see where their lives were headed, but I can't call this a favorite book. I liked it, but I will probably never pick it up again.

I once listened to an interview with the author of The Fault In Our Stars, John Green. The interviewer asked John what happened to the characters after the story ended. His answer was the best explanation of what we as readers are supposed to satisfy ourselves with at the end of any story. He said that (I am paraphrasing here, bear with me) we must walk away at the end of a story. We spend a set amount of time in a character's life and when that time is up they become anonymous once again. I absolutely agree with John, but I am a greedy reader. Most of us are. I desperately need a continuation of my favorite stories. I want to hang out with the characters for a minute, an hour, a day, a year or FOREVER longer ( I suspect this is where fan fiction was born.)

Commonwealth didn't leave me begging for more time. I enjoyed it, but I'm finished now.

What story(ies) have left you begging for more?


While I didn't find this selection of chapters to be full of powerful quotes. I did find it to be full of content.

We really explored more details of each character and the story seemed to move along. I really loved this selection of chapters. We get a sense of how good Kate is at her job.  She is really capable. She handles it. 

We get to know MoMo. She is a quiet girl, in this selection we really see her spunk.

There's also a date. I'm not sure that Kate would want to call it a date, but it was a date. I was really uncomfortable with it. I feel like this relationship she's having with Jack is the wrong path. I was just uncomfortable the entire time.

Kate has shown us that she is a natural funds manager, but on a flight home with MoMo, she shows us that she is a natural mother as well. Kate identifies with a mother trying to comfort her crying baby on the plane. She explains to Momo what is going on. And within that explanation. She talks about a mother's raw intuition. It's deeply rooted in Kate. She tells Momo how she felt the first time she nursed her daughter.  She felt that everything made sense and that it was the most real thing she'd ever done.

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'Commonwealth' by Ann Patchett is our next book club selection!

We will begin reading on January 1, 2017.  (we will finish 'I Don't Know How She  Does It' on November 12.)

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I Don't Know How She Does It Chapters 11-15

In this selection of chapters Kate is still racing the clock.

I'm having a hard time with her carrying on an inappropriate e­mail relationship with her client Jack in New York. She is not feeling a partnership with her husband at this point in time. She feels like she's taking on too much and he's not taking on enough. So she's easily distracted by another man. I feel like she's going down the wrong path. It's a rough situation for me to follow. I don't agree with it, but we'll see where it goes. Hopefully Kate will keep it together and keep herself from getting into trouble.

Kate plans a family vacation to Wales, England. She's having some issues with work so it's a little crazy. She can't really focus on relaxing and having a vacation with her family. She has a conversation with her daughter regarding ballet class once a week. The nanny, Paula takes Emily to ballet class each week. Emily mentions to Kate that she would like Kate to get off work early every Thursday to take her to ballet because her friend is brought to ballet class by her mother. Kate has to explain that she will make it for the performance, but Paula must take her to class every week Kate feels a bit of guilt after this conversation. She is trying to find that middle ground of loving her work and loving her family. The line is blurred. That is the main theme of this book.

Kate is trying to find a way to bring it all together. The love of her job (which is okay) and her love of her family.

I found that these chapters are still just driving home the theme. Kate has an immense decision ahead of her- many decisions ahead of her actually.

I think that there are many "Kates" out there in the world. So this book is great entertainment, but it's also a way for us to look at what we're doing. Are we giving enough time to a job that we love and to our families?

I Don't Know How She Does It Chapters 6-10

Kate is still just trying to keep her head above water here. She's raising the kids, working and trying to keep it all together. She is trying to balance everything.

This chapter selection begins with a trial that is going on inside of Kate's head. The "others" that are her judge and jury are really herself. It's a really harsh judgment of herself as a mother. I don't think Kate's a bad mother. I think she's having a hard time finding middle ground. She is stuggling with society's view of what a woman's place is supposed to be. I believe there is more to being a mother than mothering. Does that make sense?


I really like the way the author introduces other characters with glimpses into their experiences and how it relates to Kate's experience.

I Don't Know How She Does It Chapters 1-5

Did you find it difficult to find some quiet time to read this week? I must admit that I did find it difficult, but I'm glad that I made it a priority. Actually we had a rare lazy Sunday evening last week when we were just getting started with a book club. It was right after dinner. My husband put on a movie and my kids just busied themselves with games and toys. I thought, "Okay, I will pick my book up." We actually all sat in the same room, but everyone had their own thing going on. Between laughing out loud reading the story I actually thought, "This is really nice. Look at this!" I thought that I was going to have to be alone to find my quiet time, but as it turns out as long as distractions are removed I can really enjoy and focus on the story. So if you are finding it difficult to cut out the time in the day you can listen to an audio book when you're driving to work or chauffeuring the kids around.

I knew that I would love it. I have to admit I watched the movie trailer. I love Sarah Jessica Parker and I love her as this character to be honest with you. The movie is very different from the book. It is very "Americanised." It takes place most mostly in New York, where the book is British and takes place in England mostly in London. So now I understand that the movie is incredibly different, but I love them both in different ways. An example of the English expressions was one of my favorite quotes. At some point Kate Reddy says "Any working mother who says that she doesn't bribe her kids can add liar to her CV."  CV is another way to say resume. I have never traveled outside of the country and so it's like taking a trip for me.

Allison Pearson really submerges you into this life and you feel that you're rooting for Kate. I think anyone can relate unless you've really got it all together. Kate is always running late. She's always trying to fight the clock. Every minute counts when you're working you have kids. In one instance she had to go to a meeting and make it to her daughter, Emily's Christmas pageant.

There's a lot of feminism in this book. She mentions that she's the breadwinner and not only does she mention that in the story, but she also mentions it at a time where she's with her in-­laws. I don't want men to be turned off by the story because it is a good story. I don't think it's just for women. I think that it's a good story for men and women who enjoy novels.

The first five chapters take place around the Christmas holidays. She points out that holidays are very stressful for parents. I'm always to have magical holidays through Thanksgiving and Christmas. No matter which of the holidays you celebrate the goal is always to enjoy, sit back and soak it all in. But I'm going to let that go from now on. Maybe when I have grandchildren I can enjoy magical holidays. I'm just going to accept that the holidays are just crazy and stressful.

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The Book Club Title

I'm thrilled to get started! I've chosen a book to kick off the book club. I think that this is the perfect subject matter for me personally and my readers. I think that we all go a little crazy in the fall and this book will provide some much needed perspective a few good laughs.

Here's How It Works:

-I will choose a title for us to read (or listen to the audiobook.) You will have plenty of time to pick up your book before we begin. Please contact me with book suggestions.

- I will set up a time frame for sharing quotes, opinions and discussions by chapter. This way there will be NO EARLY SPOILERS!

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Let's Begin!

We will begin discussing our first title on SEPTEMBER 18TH 2016. All of the details will be available in the next post. Please join me!