I Don't Know How She Does It Chapters 1-5

Did you find it difficult to find some quiet time to read this week? I must admit that I did find it difficult, but I'm glad that I made it a priority. Actually we had a rare lazy Sunday evening last week when we were just getting started with a book club. It was right after dinner. My husband put on a movie and my kids just busied themselves with games and toys. I thought, "Okay, I will pick my book up." We actually all sat in the same room, but everyone had their own thing going on. Between laughing out loud reading the story I actually thought, "This is really nice. Look at this!" I thought that I was going to have to be alone to find my quiet time, but as it turns out as long as distractions are removed I can really enjoy and focus on the story. So if you are finding it difficult to cut out the time in the day you can listen to an audio book when you're driving to work or chauffeuring the kids around.

I knew that I would love it. I have to admit I watched the movie trailer. I love Sarah Jessica Parker and I love her as this character to be honest with you. The movie is very different from the book. It is very "Americanised." It takes place most mostly in New York, where the book is British and takes place in England mostly in London. So now I understand that the movie is incredibly different, but I love them both in different ways. An example of the English expressions was one of my favorite quotes. At some point Kate Reddy says "Any working mother who says that she doesn't bribe her kids can add liar to her CV."  CV is another way to say resume. I have never traveled outside of the country and so it's like taking a trip for me.

Allison Pearson really submerges you into this life and you feel that you're rooting for Kate. I think anyone can relate unless you've really got it all together. Kate is always running late. She's always trying to fight the clock. Every minute counts when you're working you have kids. In one instance she had to go to a meeting and make it to her daughter, Emily's Christmas pageant.

There's a lot of feminism in this book. She mentions that she's the breadwinner and not only does she mention that in the story, but she also mentions it at a time where she's with her in-­laws. I don't want men to be turned off by the story because it is a good story. I don't think it's just for women. I think that it's a good story for men and women who enjoy novels.

The first five chapters take place around the Christmas holidays. She points out that holidays are very stressful for parents. I'm always to have magical holidays through Thanksgiving and Christmas. No matter which of the holidays you celebrate the goal is always to enjoy, sit back and soak it all in. But I'm going to let that go from now on. Maybe when I have grandchildren I can enjoy magical holidays. I'm just going to accept that the holidays are just crazy and stressful.

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