I Don't Know How She Does It Chapters 11-15

In this selection of chapters Kate is still racing the clock.

I'm having a hard time with her carrying on an inappropriate e­mail relationship with her client Jack in New York. She is not feeling a partnership with her husband at this point in time. She feels like she's taking on too much and he's not taking on enough. So she's easily distracted by another man. I feel like she's going down the wrong path. It's a rough situation for me to follow. I don't agree with it, but we'll see where it goes. Hopefully Kate will keep it together and keep herself from getting into trouble.

Kate plans a family vacation to Wales, England. She's having some issues with work so it's a little crazy. She can't really focus on relaxing and having a vacation with her family. She has a conversation with her daughter regarding ballet class once a week. The nanny, Paula takes Emily to ballet class each week. Emily mentions to Kate that she would like Kate to get off work early every Thursday to take her to ballet because her friend is brought to ballet class by her mother. Kate has to explain that she will make it for the performance, but Paula must take her to class every week Kate feels a bit of guilt after this conversation. She is trying to find that middle ground of loving her work and loving her family. The line is blurred. That is the main theme of this book.

Kate is trying to find a way to bring it all together. The love of her job (which is okay) and her love of her family.

I found that these chapters are still just driving home the theme. Kate has an immense decision ahead of her- many decisions ahead of her actually.

I think that there are many "Kates" out there in the world. So this book is great entertainment, but it's also a way for us to look at what we're doing. Are we giving enough time to a job that we love and to our families?