While I didn't find this selection of chapters to be full of powerful quotes. I did find it to be full of content.

We really explored more details of each character and the story seemed to move along. I really loved this selection of chapters. We get a sense of how good Kate is at her job.  She is really capable. She handles it. 

We get to know MoMo. She is a quiet girl, in this selection we really see her spunk.

There's also a date. I'm not sure that Kate would want to call it a date, but it was a date. I was really uncomfortable with it. I feel like this relationship she's having with Jack is the wrong path. I was just uncomfortable the entire time.

Kate has shown us that she is a natural funds manager, but on a flight home with MoMo, she shows us that she is a natural mother as well. Kate identifies with a mother trying to comfort her crying baby on the plane. She explains to Momo what is going on. And within that explanation. She talks about a mother's raw intuition. It's deeply rooted in Kate. She tells Momo how she felt the first time she nursed her daughter.  She felt that everything made sense and that it was the most real thing she'd ever done.