The Book Club Title

I'm thrilled to get started! I've chosen a book to kick off the book club. I think that this is the perfect subject matter for me personally and my readers. I think that we all go a little crazy in the fall and this book will provide some much needed perspective a few good laughs.

Here's How It Works:

-I will choose a title for us to read (or listen to the audiobook.) You will have plenty of time to pick up your book before we begin. Please contact me with book suggestions.

- I will set up a time frame for sharing quotes, opinions and discussions by chapter. This way there will be NO EARLY SPOILERS!

- Post your thoughts, opinions, and favorite quotes from the selected chapters on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram using the Hashtag #JessBookClub. You can also comment on the blog posts.

Let's Begin!

We will begin discussing our first title on SEPTEMBER 18TH 2016. All of the details will be available in the next post. Please join me!