I Just Wanted Some Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

For as long as I can remember I have loved going out to eat. It just always seemed like restaurant food was better in some inexplicable way. I understand, of course, that the "fancy" restaurants employee talented chefs to ensure that they serve amazing dishes. But I'm also talking about neighborhood diners and even certain chain restaurants.

As I've mentioned before, my pregnancy hormones brought out the home cook in me, but I still was thrilled when my husband and I decided to take our new baby out to breakfast on a sunny Sunday morning. The thought of fluffy scrambled eggs and crispy bacon was so mouthwatering. I can clearly remember my excitement (please understand that I was a new mom so I didn't get out much.) We lived near a local diner and it wasn't long before our orders were taken and we were patiently (sort of) waiting for our breakfast plates. I watched with anticipation as the server carried our meals from the kitchen door to our table. My fluffy scrambled eggs were on their way. So I thought. The kind server set my plate in front of me, but it was not the breakfast I had been daydreaming of all morning. The bacon was limp and the eggs were so overcooked that their texture was similar to gravel. So unbelievably disappointing!

Sitting there I thought "I can cook a much better breakfast than this myself." And that's the moment when I figured it out. Restaurant cooks and chefs aren't obligated to make my dreams come true. I'm not going to ask them to anymore. Instead, from that point on I still enjoy my restaurant experiences, but I look for inspiration. The very next Sunday morning I cooked a huge breakfast for my husband and myself. My eggs were fluffy and my bacon, my glorious bacon was perfectly crisp.

I want to make it absolutely clear that I have so much respect for restaurant cooks. My husband likes his eggs well done so he had no idea why I was disappointed. It is impossible to please everyone when you serve hundreds or even thousands of diners a day.

If you cook for yourself you can prepare each meal to your unique taste. It may take a few tries, but you will get there. And you will be the chef that makes all of your food dreams come true.